Education Sector

teacher and studentsC & C International Computers and Consultants Inc. provides assistance to schools and districts in customizing their technology to meet their specific needs. These needs include such things as having hardware able to run state accountability testing programs, but still be ready for student use for both remedial and supplementary curriculum enhancements. Further, there is a need for software for teachers for their creative use as well as their management needs. Having the latest in interactive intelligent boards will open up avenues of instruction including such things as video conferencing, on line information access, and utilizing the entire world as an audience. Having technology to meet students’ individual needs will ensure that they graduate ready to matriculate to post secondary education, or enter the world of work.

It is cost prohibitive for school districts and individual schools to provide every type of technology on the market. Therefore, school leaders need the assistance of reliable and dependable technology firms to assist them in making the complicated decisions for their individual circumstances.