Wondering business man isolatedFrequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between hardware and a software problem and why does it matter?

Software repairs are required when a program, data or your operating system is having a problem. These repairs are usually not covered under Warranty and can be solved at home.  Hardware repairs may be needed if your machine is having an electrical, mechanical, or physical problem.  If the machine and its problem are covered by Warranty, manufacturer will pay for the repair.  If your problem is not covered by manufacturer, we will give you a free estimate for the best solution.

How much does C&C charge for estimates?

We will do an initial evaluation and give you a set estimate for us to look at a unit.  Of course, it is an ESTIMATE. A technician will need to revise the estimate when they get inside the Mac.  Spills and accidental damage are the main reasons for having to give a revised estimate on a repair. So if we take apart your portable and find food, or see liquid corrosion, we’ll have to cal you back and give you a new estimate.  If you choose to repair unit with C&C the estimate will be put towards your total cost of repairs.

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

Sorry, we need to see the computer in person before we can offer an estimate of how much repair will cost.

Do I need to make an appointment for service?

No, walk-ins are welcomed; you don’t need an appointment.  Please come on by; we are open five days a week from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.   We suggest that you come by at least half-an-hour before or closing time.

Will I lose my data during the repair?

If you are unable to back up your computer, C&C can usually do so for an additional charge.  Many failures and repairs don’t affect the hard drive or your data.  When you come in for an estimate,  we’ll let you know if your data is in jeopardy and how we can back it up or perform a data recovery prior to the repair.